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We've Turned Magic Clubs Upside Down

Over the past week we've spoken to dozens of you about what your magic really needs.

Here's what you've told us:

So What is Magic Out Loud?

A Club That Actually Helps you Do Magic

Why Do You Learn Magic?

For us.. it's to share it with others:

To actually DO MAGIC

How do you get better at magic?

You perform. Get feedback from experts. And repeat.

Magic Out Loud is designed to help you do exactly that. 


Perform and Get Expert Feedback EVERY MONTH

The best performers have directors, the best creators have collaborators and the best magicians grow together. That's exactly what we give you.

Once a month you join a call with 10 other magicians + our magic EXPERT of the month. 

Each magician (especially YOU) will perform, and get feedback from the expert, and the community!

Plus you'll get to keep the feedback video afterwards too!

We've turned magic lectures upside down

Your upcoming teachers:

What would your magic look like if you got feedback from the pros every single month?

Once a month join your class with a brand new magician...ready to give YOU feedback!

Jonah Babins, Ben Train, John Guastaferro, Manuel Llaser, Paul Vigil, Suzanne.. plus a few more!

How cool is that?

Engage your magic brain

Monthly Jams, Challenges, Tricks, and a whole bunch more.

Plus, we're hosting a jam once a month to share new tricks, tips, and challenges to keep your magic growing!

Something you should know...we spoil our magic communities.

Let us help you grow FAST!


Ben and Jonah have built a community up out of nothing.

Their passion and undying energy for magic is the soul of everything they do.

Carisa Hendrix



Ben and Jonah are wonderful people, giving magicians, and they create incredible experiences.

If they're the ones behind it, you can count me in.

Michael Feldman



If you're looking to become a better magician this is the place for you.

Ben and Jonah are two of my favourite magicians on the forefront on magic

Eric Leclerc


Lifetime Deal For UnConventional Attendees

$199/ year or 24.99/mo

For non-convention attendees:

$500/year or $49.99/mo

Every month you get: 

Two custom LIVE lectures, built for those looking to perform, featuring top entertainers, saved for replay forever for members only.

TRICK LAB LIVE - A chance to get feedback on your technique and performance twice a month to quickly grow your skills

Inside Out Loud - Monthly PDF - featuring a practical trick, tactical essay, and challenge to keep your magic sharp.

Performers Clubhouse - A database of audience tested tricks, powerful theory clips designed for performers, and full act breakdowns so you can learn why and how the best do what they do.

Powerful Community - Join an epic Facebook group filled with performers, and our private feedback form to get notes from experts

The Wall of Awesomeness

See what magicians think about working with us:


Ben and Jonah are welcoming and provide tons of support for all members of the Toronto community. I'm pumped they're sharing it with the globe.

Thanks to them I've become more confident in performing and the magic that I'm sharing is better.

Patrick Nemeth



I have experiences first hand their love for building communities in magic. I have met some of my best friends in magic because of them, and their passion and energy are always a joy to work with.

They want magic to grow and will help us grow together

Colin Robinson



I make a point to spend time with these two each time they're in the city.

Anyone who is serious about magic should take advantage of spending time with these two.

They're at the forefront of magic offline and online




They are  very open and generous with their time and I appreciate all the help they've given me on my path toward learning magic. 

But most of all, I appreciate the way they made me feel included.

Katatina Gligorijevic



They're the perfect example of what happens when hustle meets talent.

Their desire to help magicians do more with their magic is infectious. I'm so excited to see them moving magic in new and exciting directions.

Caleb Wiles



Their dedication to the community is in my mind what takes the two over the top.

Ben and Jonah care about magic and are amazing guys. That's what matters most.

Clark Payne



A true inspiration to my 12 year old son. 

They introduced us to a community of magicians we never knew existed and have taught him so much along with giving him an outlet to practice and perform

Ryan Goldin



They helped us create our own popular show and thriving magic community here in Jacksonville.

Everything we have done with Smoke and Mirrors JAX is a direct reflection of the help and assistance we received from Ben and Jonah

Ryan Johnson



When a community gets tight-knit, it's easy for it to become exclusive -- but they've built a culture that is, and continues to be extremely inclusive.

They're great people, and I will always say yes to working with them on whatever crazy adventures they dream up.

Felice Ling



Ben and Jonah are building a new way to deliver knowledge to magicians.

Their enthusiasm is infectious and I've enjoyed being a small part of their journey

Chris Pilsworth



These two just push the magic scene forward.

All of their endeavours turn on a magic buzz that elevates our craft and builds supportive relationships.

Harry  Zimmerman



Ben and Jonah love magic. Way too much. As in they are hoarding too much and it must be stopped. 

What? They are building a community to share magic? Stop them! They will give away too much!

Tony Chang


Magic SUCKS alone.


Ben Train and Jonah Babins here.

Every entertainer you know is built off of learning, feedback, and collaboration with other magicians. 

Here's the truth: We are the magicians that we are today because of strong vibrant magic communities. From forums, to summer camps, podcasts, to social media, to our home in Toronto.  Now we finally get to give back to you!

When social isolation began you told us you needed connection and support. Not more books, videos, or new releases. 

You told us you needed community, mentorship, tailored advice, motivation, and magic that you can actually use.

Introducing Magic Out Loud...

Our Upcoming Member-Only Events:

We're dedicated to bettering your magic...wherever you're at.

No matter if we're workshopping YOUR magic at one of our bi-weekly TrickLabs or  learning directly from world class performers and getting your questions answered live. 

Join us for 12 incredible months of Collaboration

Until this Friday it will be $200/yr or $24.99/mo

If you attended Unconventional.Fun you can join as a founding member.

It will never be this price again.

Only $500/yr or 49.99/mo